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Helping you since 2016
We learnt about a new reality we loved at first sight: exclusive and affordable rooms totally dedicated to students, with a warm and unique atmosphere in Spain. We decided to be part of this innovative idea and open the Branch of Bari. We share a philosophy: to create an unique and affordable environment for young people, students or workers. From shared student flats to apartments for young people living & working in Bari, we are here to help you find the perfect accommodation for your stay.

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A New Way of Accommodation

helpBari provides a unique hosting service for long term and semi-long term stays in Bari. If you choose us as your hosting provider you will gain access to a whole world of services, events and activities to make you feel at home!

Take it Easy

helpBari is more than an agency for students and young professionals. Not only do we provide apartments for rental purposes, we support you through your whole stay from the moment you sign the contract until you go back home.

The Shared Flat Experience

helpBari works hard to make every room comfortable and clean and to make you happy in your new home. All of our flats are designed with the purpose of creating an atmosphere where privacy and social gatherings can thrive together.


We believe that everyone has different needs. That’s why we have created 3 unique contracts for you to choose from :